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  • MBBS abroad in 2021 [Complete Insight]

    • May 19, 2021
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    Medicine is a highly preserved course in the field of professionals. As it has a lot of scope for a career. Students prefer MBBS as their respective career option. As it comes with prestige and glory under this profession. But the process of becoming a doctor involved a lot of stiff competition in India. That’s why students are choosing MBBS Abroad as a good option in 2021 also.

    It is due to the availability of seats compared to the growing number of students. Each year the expected number of students is increasing for medical seats. In a recent study, it was found out that there are nearly 16 lakhs students attempting NEET for  around 80,000 medical seats including Govt. and private. This is proof of the growing interest among the students in the medical field.

    Owing to increase competition and a higher course structure for this MBBS degree. Students are aspiring to study MBBS abroad as compared to India. As it offers an affordable fee structure with different medieval programs at reputed Universities.

    There are nearly 10,000 students who get admission at most preferred Universities across 12 different countries to study MBBS abroad. It is one of the best options to study MBBS abroad as many foreign countries offer exciting options for Indian students.

    The MBBS fees of many abroad Universities have lower fees than Indian Institutes and colleges. There are no hidden fees for admission. As all the medical colleges abroad are NMC approved. The quality of education is highly appreciated to study MBBS abroad. Even students who didn’t get a good rank in NEET have the option of studying medicine at their choice of university or institutes abroad.

    Why study MBBS abroad?


    Studying MBBS abroad not only offers a good fee structure but also a learning experience in a  foreign land with a holistic approach. It can eliminate the unnecessary cost up in India. Living costs abroad match up to living in India.

    Students get to learn from the top medical colleges from all over the world. Some of the selective Universities offer scholarships to MBBS students.

    Maximum medical colleges/institutes are recognized by WHO and NMC organizations. Specifically, it improves the learning exposure living in a foreign land with diverse culture. Also, it gives opportunities to learn new skills.

    Reasons why students prefer abroad to study MBBS:


    Student’s prefer to study MBBS abroad is due to some reasons and they are:

    • It is difficult to get admission to government medical colleges in India.
    • Most of the students cannot afford the high donations they private Institutes/Universities ask for.
    • The number of seats offered by MCI-approved is only a fraction of the total candidates who register for the NEET exam.

    Top Countries to study MBBS abroad


    In recent years the growth of students studying MBBS in a foreign land has increased due to their holistic approach and many Universities prefer students from various countries to establish a  diverse and friendly atmosphere.

    Also, some of the tops pick for hassle-free MBBS programs and famous destinations for students to study MBBS abroad are

    The Universities in these countries follow a set of instructions for students. These colleges are approved by NMC and they follow an ethereal international curriculum approved by major organizations like WHO and NMC. The students gain to seek various soft skills and exchange their ideas and overall build their personality.

    The students can have a better return on an investment after they complete their education. They can practice within the foreign land or return to their country which contributes to their ROI. The students can get admission in their choice of universities as there is no need for entrance exams such as TOEFL and IELTS. As their admission is based on the NEET entrance test conducted by the national testing agency in India.

    The starting packages for MBBS programs abroad start with a cost of INR 1.35 Lacs per year to INR 5 Lacs of tuition fees. Students studying in Europe can also take up PG courses after their MBBS programs.

    The living cost abroad in many countries matches up to your Indian cost.

    Things To Remember Before Applying For MBBS Abroad


    Each country follows a certain implementation of rules and procedures for the international students who wish to study MBBS abroad. Such procedures include age, academic requirements, medical requirements, understanding the visa process, and analyzing the living expenses, and choosing the medical college wisely according to your requirements are some of the things to remember.

    Age and academic requirements


    There is no upper age limit to apply for admission in MBBS courses. The students should have attained the age of 17 to apply abroad. They need to have completed their 10+2 exams from a recognized Education Board with at least a minimum of 50% marks in the Science stream with English as their proficiency language.

    Students should have secured marks in the NEET entrance test conducted by the national testing agency in India.

    At the time of admission, the candidates should submit a   medical certificate required to state the person is not suffering from a contagious disease.

    Here are the facts to be considered when applying to study MBBS abroad.

    • The candidates must choose the right colleges which is the first foundation in pursuing their career as a medical practitioner. The college must have the best learning practice and offers the best MBBS curriculum which helps in giving yourself the exposure of learning with clinical work and practical sessions.
    • Before Applying to your desired destination. Check the minimum requirements such as language and personal interaction and others. As every University follows some set of requirements that a candidate has to fulfill to get admission.
    • Explore the country and learn about their lifestyle, climate conditions, safety, etc which are some of the factors which are essential for the candidates to adapt to the living.
    • After getting admission to the required University. The candidates must take care of the process of Visa for the specific country and fulfill the requirements. They must check the list of mandatory documents before applying for admission and the visa process.
    • The cost of living plays a major and most essential role in education abroad. The candidates must analyze the cost of living before applying for admission in their choice of destination. As some countries like the USA and Europe offer scholarships to international students. They can also check if any scholarships are available or apply for loans.

    Candidates after completing their education abroad must clear FMGE Exam / MCI Screening Test to practice in India.   If the students do not wish to appear in the MCI Screening  Test later. Then they can apply in the USA for their MBBS programs.

    Studying abroad for your MBBS program has both advantages and disadvantages accordingly. Some offer hassle-free admission processes, recognition, world-class infrastructure, economical structure, etc. But it also has its disadvantages such as rapid change in environment, some colleges have Low Passing Percentage in MCI Screening Test, tough visa norms, sometimes local language barrier, etc.

    So take the decision Wisely and choose your requirements.

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