Mbbs In Russia 2021

MBBS In Russia

Are you excited about pursuing your MBBS in Russia? There are many countries famous for pursuing MBBS from. But today, we will talk about why one should get admission in Russia and complete their MBBS in Russia.

Russia is one of the best-suited countries for doing MBBS. We all are well aware of the fact that Russia is one of the leading countries of the world who is famous for its advanced technology. What the rest of the country is dreaming of, Russia is already living in it.

There is no doubt that Russia is an apt country from every angle in order to complete a medical degree. But since the country is very advanced and is famous for using top-notch technology, people would think that it is very costly and hence will not choose the country. But cutting off the myth, Russia is really an affordable country for pursuing an MBBS degree.

A medical study needs the equipment especially when it comes to practical exposure. Students wait for the time when they are given the practical sessions because, in MBBS, practical is what matters at last. And in Russia, they focus on both and their practice sessions are not to be missed because of the high technology they use and teach their students. It is the reason why every year, so many students from all around the globe try for getting the admission in an MBBS University of Russia.

All the Russian institutes of medical science are well recognized by the Medical Council of India and are listed under WHO. A doctor graduated from any university of Russia in medical science is known as a reputed and well-known doctor for sure.

And the history itself speaks about it. Students who have been to Russia for pursuing their MBBS degree are doing pretty well in their careers and not just studying but enjoying their college life in Russia. They feel free because there is no load of bearing heavy expenses and also the semester system of Russia and India are the same.

About Russia

Russia is a country known for its population, their technology, their culture, and their beauty. The country is indeed one of the richest and most influential countries all around the globe.

Russia is located in northern Eurasia bordering the arctic ocean between the North Pacific ocean and Europe. It has a population of 146.77 million people which makes it qualified to occupy the ninth place in the world’s most populated countries list.

The country is not just famous for its richness and beauty which makes it a perfect destination to travel but for their MBBS universities as well.

The country has many universities for MBBS which are well recognized under WHO and MCI and which are known for their top class education. That’s what makes the country special and perfect to pursue MBBS from.

Russia in Short
Capital Moscow    
Official Language Russian    
Total Area 17,098,246 km2    
Population 14.45 crores (2017) World Bank    
Time zone UTC+2 to +12    
Time Difference India is 2 hours and 30 minutes ahead of Moscow    
Currency Russian Rouble    
Calling Code +7    
Distance from India 4,983 km    
Travel time from Delhi 7-10 Hrs    

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    Benefits of Mbbs in Russia

    • Most Universities are Government Universities of Russia.
    • No Entrance exam & No Donation.
    • Easy Admission Procedure
    • Low & Subsidized course fees
    • Worldwide Recognition of the Degrees provided by Medical Universities of Russia.
    • European Standard of Living
    • Indian Mess are available.
    • 100% Visa Guarantee
    • Safe And Healthy Environment
    • IELTS or TOEFL as a background is not compulsory for MBBS in Russia
    The low cost fee structure of top and best Russian MBBS universities may be seen as below.

    Mbbs in Russia Fee Structure 2021

    University Fee Hostel
    Crimean Federal University 3700 USD 300 USD
    Ulyanovsk State Medical University 3700 USD 800 USD
    Altai state medical university 4000 USD 700 USD
    Kazan Federal University 5500 USD 100 USD
    Bashkir State Medical University 3800 USD 200 USD
    Orenburg state medical University 5000 USD 200 USD
    Kazan State Medical University 5000 USD 200 USD
    Kuban State University 3700 USD 200 USD
    Saint Petersburg State University 4850 USD 500 USD
    Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University 6200 USD 400 USD

    Note: Fee is subject to change by the university. Please confirm once while taking admission

    Eligibility For Mbbs in Russia

    • 17 years of age on or before the date of 31st December in the year of admission.
    • For General Category : 50% aggregate marks in Class XII (PCB)
    • For Reserved Category: 40% aggregate marks in Class XII (PCB)
    • You need to have NEET qualifying score.

    The Admission Process


    Choose A University

    Select from the top universities for MBBS in Russia to begin your journey. If you are finding it difficult to choose a university, our team will help you in the process.


    Start Registration Process

    After selecting the university, you can start the registration process for MBBS in the selected university by filling the application form available at our site.


    Submit Documents

    To complete the process of registration, you will have to submit all the necessary documents as demanded by the university. The documents generally get processed within 7-8 days.


    Get Invitation Letter

    After you have submitted the required documents, the University will cross-check the details for verification. You will get the invitation letter if everything is up to the mark.


    Get Your Visa

    The next step for MBBS in Russia is to obtain a Visa from the Russian Embassy. We help you in getting a Visa without any hassle as it is the most important part.


    Fly Russia

    Once you have your invitation letter and a stamped visa in your hand, you are all set to go to Russia to live your dream. Fly off to Russia and embark on a new journey.

    Rrequired Documents in 2020-21

    • Passport with minimum 18 months validity.
    • Lgalization of all the documents from Russian Embassy.
    • Authorized invitation letter from Medical University of Russia.
    • 10th marksheet + certificate.
    • 12th marksheet + certificate.
    • Notarized birth certificate.
    • Minimum 10 recent photographs.
    • Medical certificate.
    • HIV test certificate.
    • Birth certificate.

    Course Duration 6 Years

    Recognition and Accreditations

    • It has been recognised by the United Nations Organisation.
    • It has been recognised by the International Association of Universities.
    • Gained recognition by the European Universities Association.
    • Recognised by the World Health Organisation as a top preacher of medical knowledge and scientific learning.
    • Recognised by the World Federation of Medical Education.
    • Recognised by the National Medical Commission (formerly MCI).
    • Recognised by Association of Medical Education of Europe.
    • Recognised by International Scientific Education Society.

    Indian Students In Russia

    Every year, you can expect 10,000 Indian students coming to Russia for pursuing a degree in medical science out of which, 2000 are completing MBBS from Russia. Due to bearable expenses and good colleges, Russia has always been in a list of Indians to do MBBS from

    Indian Russia Foreign Relation

    Indo-Russia relations has always been the talk of the town. However, it does not mean that there is something wrong between these two countries. Having a healthy competition is always good and that is what these two countries keep. But as far as education is concerned, Russia is very generous and kind of hosting. The economic and cultural relations between these two countries are strong and that can also be one of the reasons why Russian students are kind and humble with Indians. Since the country is so very affordable, students do not need to think before choosing the country for sure. And the cherry on the cake is that you will not feel left out as there are plenty of Indian restaurants available in Russia where you can have your own country’s cuisine.

    Is MBBS from Russia valid in India?

    Yes, MBBS from Russia is valid in India. But just like other countries, you are required to go through the MCI test in India after which you are set to start your practice as an MBBS doctor in India. The degree is not just valid in India but the UK, US, Australia, Norway and in many more countries as well. After clearing the test, one can work anywhere be it in a government sector or a private one in India.

    Religion in Russia

    Since Russia is a Christian country, the majority of the public practice Christianity only. But as the country does not discriminate and accept all, you will easily find some Pagan and Muslims too. Apart from this, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism are also part of the country but in minority. But when it comes to celebrating the festival, no matter which religion do you practice, you will be free to enjoy your festival with joy.

    People in Russia

    Even after being the ninth largest country with a high population, India still is ahead in terms of population. Russia and India both have two things in a common, large population and kind-hearted people. Since Russia has so many universities which top the list of best MBBS universities of the world, the local Russians are quite okay with the fact that they are going to meet people from different countries and that can be one of the reasons why they are always friendly with people irrespective of their nationality.

    Culture in Russia

    The culture of Russia is divine, is pure. You will get their traditional classical music, painting, cinema, rich history, and literature. The culture of Russia will make you feel like you are one of them only. You will surely fall in love with their culture and that is what which one can never forget about.

    We have covered most frequently asked questions by our students. To know more you can contact us.

    Student’s Queries

    Is it a good idea to pursue medical program in Russia?

    Indeed, it is a smart thought because it simply guarantees 2-3 critical things:

    1. After you finish MBBS, return back to India. Do plan for MCI screening testaccordingly. In those a half year, learn A1-A2 level in German dialect in India.
    2. 1-year course to learn up to C1 level. however, it would be possible in Germany through us.
    3. At the end of the residency, you can get Board guaranteed PG and work in Germany for a year and a half subject to business.
    4. In fact, the last thing is to guarantee that you work for 3 more years. You would be qualified for an EU Blue card according to the migration strategies.

    When does the academic year start at Russian Medical University?

    The academic year in all Russian medical university starts from 1st September.

    Is student visa a mandatory in Russia?

    Indeed, without a student visa, you can’t seek after MBBS Russia. You have to apply for the visa, alongside the affirmation shape of the separate college. We as an Overseas education specialist help in the procedure of affirmation and visa. However, we guarantee smooth and bother free involvement all through the procedure.

    Can a student get an education loan for medical program in Russia?

    Yes, the universities, we represent provide all documents to get an education loan. from private and nationalized banks. In addition, we help you in the whole credit procedure to make it rapid and endorsed.

    How many times can medical student appear in the MCI screening test?

    In fact, the MCI conducts a screening test twice a year. Students don’t have any restrictions on the number of times they can take the test. MCI approved Medical Universities that we speak to prepare students for the MCI test. For this reason, We make sure to succeed effective fulfillment in the first attempt.

    As Russia is an extremely cold nation, what are the courses of action made by the colleges?

    All Medical colleges amenities, including lodgings, classroom, and healing facilities are centrally heated. This warming framework is controlled by the local municipal department of the city. However, in addition, give high temp water 24×7.

    Can a student do an internship from India after completing medical program in Russia?

    Yes indeed, you can join an internship in India after finishing MBBS from Russian college. Once you clear the MCI screening Test directed by MCI (Medical Council of India).

    Can a student transfer from one university to another university in the midst of medical program in Russia?

    Yes indeed, it is easy to exchange between college to college amidst MBBS in Russia. However, you have to show up in the exam that college may take to test the capability of students. For instance, subsequent to applying for the exchange. On the fruitful finish of the test, the student can exchange.

    Is the Russian Medical Course acceptable in other countries?

    Yes indeed, the Russian medical colleges that we speak are authorized by WHO and UNESCO. In addition, substantial in every significant nation of the world. For this reason, you can practice in any of favored nation. The degree remunerated by the Russian medical colleges. There are numerous areas that let you rehearse with no screening test. However, there are a few nations where screening test is obligatory to hone like Indiaand USA.


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