MBBS in Armenia

Mbbs in Armenia

Studying MBBS in foreign countries has always been a dream for not only students but also for their parents, but now it has become flexible for such aspirants, and one of the best choices for that is Studying MBBS in Armenia. There was a time when they’re only 1-2% of Indians can go out to study or to travel but now things have changed with time. Now you can travel as well as pursue MBBS in Armenia as a foreign country in a very minimum fee structure.

The seasoned faculty members will provide them with adequate guidance. As a result, the number of medical students in Armenia is steadily growing. For medical schools, the MBBS fees in Armenia are also accessible. For those who choose to learn medicine in a foreign country, MBBS in Armenia is a wise decision. Students are not expected to contribute a substantial sum of money

About Armenia

Armenia is a landlocked country located in the geopolitical Transcaucasus (South Caucasus) region, between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, in the Southern Caucasus Mountains and their marshes, and in the upper east of the Armenian Highlands.  Armenia is a nation and former Soviet republic in the mountainous Caucasus region, sandwiched between Asia and Europe. Summers are usually cool, with temperatures averaging 25°C, while temperatures in the Ararat valley can exceed 40°C.

Armenia is a member of more than 40 international organizations, including the United Nations, the Council of Europe, the Asian Development Bank, the Commonwealth of Independent States, etc. It consists of a member of the CSTO military organization who also participates in NATO’s Partnership for Peace initiative.

Armenia Quick Highlights

Armenia In Short



Official Language


Total Area

29,743 Km2


2.97 million

Time Zone


Time Difference

30 mins ahead of India


Armenian Dram

Calling Code


Distance From India

38,71 Km

Travel Time From Delhi

14 hours 40 min

MBBS in the Armenia: Quick Highlights

In this part, we’ve compiled a list of the most relevant things to consider when applying to the Armenian MBBS program, or if you’re thinking about applying.


Yes, it is compulsory


Not required

Course Fee

Rs. 2 Lakhs/Year to Rs. 6 Lakhs/Year

Top Medical Universities

Yerevan  Hayabusak University

Cost of Living in Armenia

Rs. 7 – 10 Thousands/Month

Course Duration


Medium of Teaching


Universities Recognition

NMC, WHO approved

Student Helpline Number

+91-783 583-4444

Why study MBBS in Armenia

When it comes to living conditions and peace of mind, Armenia is without a doubt the best choice. Armenian colleges have a wide demand for their MBBS services. Every year, a vast number of students from all over the world come to the MBBS program to obtain more experience. Armenia is well-known and attractive enough to attract a large number of students because of its high-tech qualities.

Approved University– Armenia’s universities have been accredited by MCI, WHO, and NMC, making it a qualified degree with a valid MBBS curriculum in all of the country’s established universities.

Duration– Students who enroll in the 5-year study plan will have the chance to engage in other activities and learn their talents, but there will be no preparation time since they will already have 5 years of training in Armenia, which will make the course smarter.

Outstanding Infrastructure-Armenia is now one of the world’s leading countries for medical education, making the medical services suitable for the region as a whole, as well as for other aspects of the health system.

The language you know— Since MBBS experiments in Armenia are done in English, there would be no language barrier to overcome.

 Admission Process– Applicants who want to attend the Philippine high school on their way to medical school and are having trouble qualifying for admission to the program face no obstacles.

Expert Faculty– This MBBS teaching facilities employ talented, experienced, and skilled doctors from all over the world who can provide students with an excellent education.

Guaranteed VISA– Your VISA will be guaranteed by the government. Your VISA is backed by a 100 percent assurance to ensure that you won’t have any problems.

Recognition Degree – Since the universities are MCI, NMC, and WHO accepted, the degrees awarded by each of the Armenian universities are recognized worldwide.

Total Security— Universities ensure that students from India, Armenia, and other countries have adequate protection to ensure their safety.

Not required  IELTS & TOEFL Score- To our delight, we discovered that we did not need to take the IELTS or receive a scorecard in order to be accepted into medical schools in Armenia.

Indian Food Mess– Given the current situation, it is appropriate for students to arrive on campus each year in Armenia with their considerable nourishment in the form of Indian foods from the Mess they are willing to eat.

 Donation free – Since some college boards in India engage in fundraising activities through intermediaries, no single donation will be accepted for MBBS admissions to medical school of Armenia.

Pocket-friendly— As opposed to other countries with a high-quality education system, the cost of MBBS in Armenia is reasonable.

Universities offering MBBS in Armenia

  • Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University
  • St. Tereza Medical University
  • The University of Traditional Medicine
  • Yerevan Haybusak University
  • Yerevan State medical University

Courses offered in Medical Universities of Armenia

The Armenian Universities offer a wide range of courses for the students who want to join them. The universities conduct various medical programs for the benefits of their students.   The courses and the duration of the courses are:


5 years


5 years


5 years


4 years


4 years

In Armenia, the medium of teaching used when obtaining an MBBS degree is Armenian.

The WHO and MCI have accepted almost all of Armenia’s medical universities. Their classes are taught entirely in English, Faculty members can also instruct their students in English only. In Armenia, the number of people applying for the MBBS program is increasing.

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    The Admissions Process for Armenian Medical Schools

    To start, make sure you have the necessary qualifications; after that, everything else is taken care of, and getting into medical school in Armenia is a breeze.


    Choose a University

    Before selecting the best university in Armeniayou will have to look into various important factors such as its approvals, fee structure, duration of the course, and after all that select the one wisely.


    Start Registration Process

    The very first step to be taken is that one has to start the admission process by registering itself with the correct information


    Submit Documents

    Your submission necessitates a significant amount of extra documentation above what is necessary for admission; you must request all of these records without missing anyone.


    Get Invitation Letter

    If the university verifies and signatures the application, you will receive notice of admission, followed by an invitation to complete the remaining changes and sign the application.


    Get Your Visa

    You will be issued with the requisite VISA to visit the university and attend the course after completing an introduction to the MBBS course with the Armenia Embassy.


    Fly Armenia

    It’s time to lace up your shoes and go train for your Armenia dream school-of-admission Letter-of-invitation and fly if you have secured your VISA, which is a valid qualification.

    Duration of the course MBBS in the Armenia

    In Armenia, MBBS programs last a total of five years.

    Clinical studies will take five years to complete in Philipplines’ MBBS systems.

    Applicants to register for the internship in advance.

    Armenian MBBS Eligibility Requirements

    The following are the eligibility conditions for MBBS study in Armenia:

    • Prior to the date of entry, applicants must be between the ages of 17 and 25.
    • In 12th, the student must achieve a grade of at least 55 percent.
    • The student must pass their intermediate exams in English, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology with a minimum of 50% overall.
    • To apply for MBBS admission in Armenia, you must pass the NEET test, which is required beginning in 2018.
    • There are no entrance examinations or language tests needed.
    • As a result, candidates interested in pursuing MBBS in Armenia must fulfill any of the above-mentioned eligibility requirements.

    Documents Needed for MBBS Admission in Armenia in 2021

    For an MBBS application in Armenia, the following documents are required:

    • You must fill out an application form as well as a resume to study in Armenia.
    • Applicants must submit certified copies of their transcripts and transition certificates to the interview.
    • Notarized and attested copies are needed for all scholarly publications.
    • You must send twelve passport-sized portraits to be admitted into an Armenian university.
    • Photocopies of your passport that have been notarized and attested are needed.
    • Students must have their medical card and HIV documents with them while they attend university.

    Hostel and Accommodation Facilities in Armenia

    As we all know the country Armenia is a very safe country as well as one of the best countries to choose for the MBBS program. Other than this the universities of Armenia are also well-equipped with all the necessary required items that are needed for a happy and comfortable living. The environment of the campus is very comfortable and soothing with a positive attitude in the surroundings.

    Also, the infrastructure of the institutes of Armenia is world-class with all the facilities inbuilt. Students from all around the world come and take admission in the colleges of Armenia for medical courses and another course too and get high-quality education with both theoretical as well as practical knowledge and experience.


    Is it good to study MBBS in Armenia?

    Yes, studying MBBS in Armenia will be one of the best choice as the country is safe and universities are approved

    Is MBBS from Armenia valid in India?

    Yes, Armenian MBBS degree is a valid degree in India with all the approvals.

    Why is MBBS so expensive?

    There are some countries that give MBBS program with minimum charges, such as Armenia, Kazakhstan, kyrgyzstan, etc.