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  • Is my degree valid in India if I choose MBBS Abroad?

    Yes, MBBS degree from abroad is 100% valid in India when you fulfill all the eligibility criteria defined by National Medical Commission of India.

  • Is NEET required for MBBS Abroad?

    Yes, to qualify NEET is compulsory if you want to pursue MBBS Abroad. NEET makes you eligible to appear in NEXT examination (MCI Screening test).

  • How to practice in India with MBBS Abroad degree?

    After completing MBBS from abroad, the candidate have to appear for licencing exam in India which is known as MCI screening test, then after qualifying the exam the candidate are eligible to practice in India.

  • Can I pursue PG from India after MBBS Abroad?

    Yes, after completing your MBBS degree from abroad you can apply for PG medical courses in India and complete your higher studies.

  • In which countries Indian students go for MBBS?

    Indian students are going abroad for MBBS in various countries like Russia, Ukraine, Philippines, China, Bangladesh, Armenia, Georgia, USA, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Nepal etc.

  • Is internship from abroad valid in india?

    Indian government allows internship from few countries like Germany, USA, Australia, UK, China, Bangladesh and Philippines in India and if you complete the internship from any other country like Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tazikistan, Uzbekistan, Belarus then you need to complete the internship in India

  • What is the fee structure for MBBS abroad

    Fee structure varies from university to university. The basic idea about fee is, it starts from 2 lakh per year (approx) to 7-8 lakhs per year (approx).

  • Can we live in personal PG there or only in hostel?

    It depends on individual's choice. A candidate can live in the hostel or outside in the PG. In some universities, it is compulsory to live in the hostel for the first year for your safety. From the second year, you can go to PG

MBBS in ukraine FAQ

  • Should I Pursue MBBS in Ukraine?

    Yes, Ukraine is one of the most preferred destinations for pursuing MBBS among Indian aspirants. After completing MBBS from Ukraine, students get a chance to work with renowned hospitals across the world.

  • Can Students Get Jobs in Government Hospitals in Ukraine?

    Indeed, students can get jobs in government hospitals in Ukraine.

  • How long does it take to get admission in Ukraine?

    It will take approximately 4-5 days to get the invitation letter from the university. In addition, for complete documentation and visa, it will take around 15-20 days in India itself.

  • How safe is it to study MBBS in Ukraine for Indians?

    It is very safe for Indians to study MBBS in Ukraine as there is low to no discrimination in the country, and the people live in harmony with others. In addition, universities also take special care of foreign students to provide them a safe environment.

  • What is the Fee of MBBS in Ukraine?

    The fee of MBBS in Ukraine varies from university to university. However, in general, the fee ranges between $3,500 and $5,000 /Year.

  • Can Students pay the fee in installments?

    Yes, aspirants wishing to pursue MBBS in Ukraine are allowed to pay the fees in installments; however, this is subject to the procedure of the medical university they are seeking admission.

  • Are there WHO listed Universities in Ukraine?

    Yes, there are many WHO listed universities in Ukraine. You can find the list of the universities on the WHO site.

  • Is NEET Compulsory for MBBS in Ukraine?

    Yes, without NEET, an aspirant is considered ineligible for MBBS in Ukraine.

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MBBS in Philippines FAQ

  • How much does it cost to study MBBS in Philippines?

    For complete course in Philippines, fee is around 20 Lakhs and it varies from university to university. Candidates must check the fee structure before taking admission in any university.

  • What is the eligibility to study MBBS in Philippines?

    Students who have secured 50% marks in 12th with PCB stream and must have qualified NEET examination.

  • Is the Philippines good for MBBS?

    Yes, the Philippines is a good country to study MBBS as the universities are MCI, NMC, and WHO approved to it offers approved courses.

  • How many years is MBBS in the Philippines?

    The MBBS in the Philippines is of 4 years plus prior it, BS course is compulsory which takes 1.5 to 1.8 years. Complete duration for MBBS is 5.5 to 5.8 years depending on the university.

  • What is MBBS called in the Philippines?

    MBBS in the Philippines is called as MD program which is equivalent to MBBS in India.

  • Is MBBS internship valid from Philippines?

    Yes, Internship from Philippines is valid in India.

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MBBS in Bangladesh FAQ

  • What is the cost of MBBS in Bangladesh?

    To study MBBS in Bangladesh one has spent Rs 25lakhs to Rs 32 lakh. Bangladesh is one of the finest destinations for it.

  • Many many years gap is valid in Bangladesh?

    For MBBS in Bangladesh, you can take only one year gap after 12th result. Medical Universities in Bangladesh don't allow gap more than one year.

  • Is Bangladesh good for MBBS?

    Yes, Bangladesh is a good country to study MBBS in terms of living, fees, quality of education, and approvals of the university.

  • Which country has the lowest fee for MBBS?

    Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Ukraine are some of the few countries that offer the lowest-priced MBBS program.

  • Is internship from bangladesh valid in India?

    Yes, Internship form Bangladesh is valid in India.

  • Why Indian students go to Bangladesh for MBBS?

    Neighbouring country, high MCI passing ratio, low fee structure, almost same diseases and treatment, same climate, less travel time etc.

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MBBS in russia FAQ

  • Is Russian MBBS degree Valid in India?

    Yes, MBBS degree from a Russian medical college is 100% valid in India if you have joined the course after qualifying NEET and you have qualified screeninng examination in India.

  • What is the teaching medium in Russia?

    In Russia 3 types of courses are available: English, Russian and Bilingual. Indian students should choose English medium courses only.

  • Which university should I choose for MBBS in Russia?

    The university mmust be minimum 100 years old, teaching medium should be english, Indian mess should be available, Hostel facility should be available, Indian students must be there.

  • Are Indian students safe in Russia?

    Yes, Russia is one of the safest country in the world so Indian students are safe there and can pursure their course without any worry.

  • How much is the course duration of MBBS in Russia?

    Russia offers 6 years of MBBS course.

  • Is internship from Russia valid in India?

    If any student do the internship in Russia and wants to practice in India then s/he must have to complete the internship in India as well.

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MBBS in china FAQ

  • How many years is MBBS in China?

    The MBBS program of China is of 5-years that includes both practical as well as theoretical knowledge.

  • How can I get admission for MBBS in China?

    To get admission in MBBS from China one has to fulfill its eligibility criteria as well as submit the NEET scorecard.

  • What is MBBS called in China?

    MBBS and MD are similar degrees so MBBS called MD in China which means the same.

  • Is MBBS from China valid in India?

    Yes, MBBS in China is a valid degree as the universities of China are MCI, NMC, and WHO approved.

  • Is it safe to study MBBS in China?

    Yes, MBBS in China is completely safe for Indian students as thousand of students are currently pursuing MBBS from China.

  • Is internship from china valid inn India?

    Yes, Internship from china is valid in India. Studnets need not to do internship again in India.

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MBBS in Kazakhstan

  • Are there proper hostel facilities to put in?

    The hostel accommodation for the medical students in Kazakhstan is pretty convenient besides being comfortable. Students can stay in the hostels on the campus and can also stay outside it.

  • How safe is Kazakhstan for foreign students?

    Yes it is safe but it is good to stay away from suspicious people and keep to yourself.

  • Do I have to give a donation for admission?

    No. There are no unfair schemes of paying heavy donations for admissions.

  • Is Kazakhstan pretty costly?

    Not at all. Your cost of living here as a student is comparatively cheaper and more affordable which is like Rs.5-10 thousand per month.

  • What is the teacher-student ratio in Kazakhstan?

    The teacher-student ratio in Kazakhstan is 1:10.

  • What is KAISA?

    KAISA stands for Kazakh-Indian Students Association. It is an informal association that was formed in January 2016 by Indian students studying in Kazakhstan.

  • Is Indian food available in Kazakhstan?

    You will not have any problems finding food to suit your taste. Choose from the local dishes or the Indian ones.

  • Is MBBS from Kazakhstan valid in India?

    Yes, it is a valid degree in India and anywhere abroad only when the student qualify Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) which is conducted by MCI.

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MBBS in Kyrgyzstan FAQ

  • Is Kyrgyzstan good for MBBS?

    Kyrgyzstan is one of the Best Countries for Medical programs as all the universities are NMC, WHO, and MCI approved.

  • Is Kyrgyzstan MBBS valid in India?

    Kyrgyzstan MBBS is valid in India, abroad only when the student qualify Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) which is conducted by MCI.

  • Is NEET required for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan?

    One has to clear the NEET exam to get admission to any of the universities of Kyrgyzstan or any other country or abroad.

  • Which country is the cheapest for MBBS?

    Kyrgyzstan is one the cheapest country that offers MBBS medical programs all over the world.

  • How long does it take for one to travel to Kyrgyzstan from India?

    The expected time to travel to Kyrgyzstan from India is 3 hours and 24 minutes.

  • What is the highest temperature during the summer months?

    The temperature can go up to 31.7 degrees Celsius during the summer months.

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MBBS in Armenia FAQ

  • Is it good to study MBBS in Armenia?

    Yes, studying MBBS in Armenia will be one of the best choice as the country is safe and universities are approved.

  • Is MBBS from Armenia valid in India?

    Yes, Armenian MBBS degree is a valid degree in India with all the approvals.

  • Why is MBBS so expensive?

    There are some countries that give MBBS program with minimum charges, such as Armenia, Kazakhstan, kyrgyzstan, etc.

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MBBS in Georgia FAQ

  • Is MBBS in Georgia good?

    There is 100% literacy rate in Georgia so yes it is a very good degree from Georgia. Also the universities are MCI & WHO approved.

  • Is Georgian MBBS valid in USA?

    Yes, it is a valid degree as the medical universities of Georgia are MCI, WHO approved.

  • Is Ukraine or MBBS better for Georgia?

    Both countries have their own advantages and disadvantages. Students should check all the aspects before taking admission.

  • Can we pursue PG from India?

    Yes, after completing MBBS from Georgia, one can pursue PG from India.

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