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Why Are Students Going Abroad?

As we all know that studying abroad is a dream come true but why abroad specifically? Study abroad because in India there are approximately 80,000 medical seats and only 542 approved medical colleges but every year there are around 16 lakhs students that fill the MBBS form to get admission in MBBS.

The irony is that we have limited seats in India, and numerous top class colleges in abroad with first-class services and facilities such as less fee structure as compare to Indian colleges, international faculty, world-class infrastructure, less course duration, and many other facilities it will be a great decision to take admission in abroad for MBBS program.

Why Choose Eduream for MBBS Abroad

  • Authorized representatives of Govt. MBBS universities abroad
  • We provide admission only in top medical universities
  • Experienced and trusted MBBS Abroad consultancy
  • Transparency in packages and payments
  • Regular visits to universities to ensure student’s safety & security
  • Staff to help students in various countries

Free Counselling

We provide free counselling to our students and guide them about the top universities

University Selection

Our expert counsellors helps students to find their dream college with in their budget

Forex Assistance

We take care of all the currency exchange for our students so that they don’t face any problem

Travel Assistance

We provide 100% travel assistance and guide students about prerequisite of traveling abroad

Admission Process in Abroad


Choose a University

Before choosing the right university abroad, you will have to research different items, such as admission, tuition, length of the course, etc.


Start Registration Process

The first thing to do is to go through is to fill out the necessary admission forms to give them to the admissions office.


Submit Documents

In order for you to be accepted, the application would require more documents so that you can fulfill the required admission procedure.


Get Invitation Letter

If the university verifies and signatures the application, followed by an invitation to finally get approval of the admission in that university


Get Your Visa

You will be issued with the requisite VISA to visit the university and attend the course with valid documents and complete the MBBS course with the Abroad Embassy.


Fly Abroad

Go to your school of interest abroad. It’s time to put on your favorite pair of shoes and secure your spot at your dream school by going abroad.

Things To Know First

  • Before taking admission in the MBBS program from any country make sure that you have successfully cleared NEET Exam with the required percentile.
  • The University you’re choosing must be MCI approved and recognized by local bodies as well.
  • We suggest universities according to your requirements, final decision will be yours.
  • Take details of the university and MBBS course such as its fee structure, admission process, last date, approvals, etc.
  • Confirm medium of teaching before confirming the admission.
  • Admission process should be done on time before the last date of a particular university else your admission will get dismissed.
  • Make sure that your documents are legal and authorized.
  • Payment is non-refundable under all circumstances.
  • VISA usually takes 15-20 days, make sure you have applied before the deadline.

NOTE: For hassle free admission process, apply at least two or minimum one month before the last date.

Best Time To Apply

  Application Deadline Decision
Ukraine 1 May 31 July
Russia 1 May 31 July
Kazakhstan 1 May 31 July
Kyrgyzstan 1 May 31 July
Philippines 1 May 10 August
Bangladesh 1 August 15 November
Georgia 1 May 31 July
Armenia  1 May 31 July
China 1 April 15 June

Where to submit necessary documents?

Students need to submit their original documents in our office to proceed the admission and other formalities and approvals

Contact us on +91-783 583 4444
to know the nearest Eduream office.