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  • [Free] MBBS In Germany: What is Free?

    • May 19, 2021
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    Are you planning to study MBBS in Germany? Study MBBS for free! Read the blog to know everything about pursuing MBBS from Germany.

    The health care industry is witnessing an unprecedented growth worldwide and is going to be the most preferred work area soon. Medical professionals require formal education and MBBS aspirants are seeing Germany as the promising location to begin their education. But why are students attracted to Germany? Is it worth doing MMBS from Germany? Browse through the blog and know answers to all your questions.

    MBBS In Germany


    Germany- a country with largest economy in Europe and astonishing landscapes and tourist destinations needs no introduction. With a long history of research and science, Germany is the most preferred destination for higher studies too.

    Studying in European countries, especially Germany is a dream of many undergraduates and graduates. Well, why not because the world-class education quality and facilities take students many steps closer to their dream.

    And medical education in Germany is no less different!

    If you are a medical aspirant, you must have wished for pursuing MBBS from Germany. Well, that’s every medical aspirant’s dream! The no to low-cost education options and the best curriculum make it the most preferred destination.

    While low-cost education is one of the features, Germany also has the topmost MCI approved colleges and medical universities, which is a testimony to the quality of the curriculum offered there.

    The scope of medical education, including MBBS in Germany, is vast. So, in this blog, we have covered everything that you should know about pursuing MBBS from Germany.


    Facts First!


    First thing, first. Every year, 10,000 seats are available for studying MBBS, out of which around 10% or less are reserve for international students. This means you will be competing for 1 out of 1000 seats.


    Top MCI Approved Medical Universities in Germany


    Although there are 100s of colleges, the following German medical universities are renowned and revered for their world-class-education and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

    1. Ludwig-Maximilian-Universitat Munchen
    2. Georg-August-Universitat Gottingen
    3. Universitat Heidelberg
    4. Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin
    5. Freie Universitaet Berlin
    6. Tech in the Universitat munchin
    7. Eberhard Karis Universitat Tubingen
    8. RWTH Aachen university
    9. Albert Ludwing’s Universitat Freiburg
    10.  Karlsruhe Institute of technology

    Fee Structure


    So, let’s talk about the main factor that makes students interested in pursuing MBBS from Germany. Yes, Indian students can pursue MBBS for free in Germany. Some of the government-funded institutions provide 100% scholarship on the tuition fee, while some of them charge a minimum of 300-400 Euro per semester.

    Now, if we consider the cost of living, then it is 50,000-100,000 INR. But, fret not! You can work there for 20 hours a week with minimum pay of 8 Euro per hour.

    After completion of the course, you can get as high as 40,000-50,000 Euro per month as stipend. And, you will earn 50,000 Euro to 1 Crore Euro after gaining experience.

    NOTE: Private colleges do not offer free education; however, you may get a scholarship in some universities, if you fulfil their eligibility criteria.


    MBBS Course Duration


    The duration of the course in Germany is 6 years, 3 months generally, which is divided into 3 stages.

    The first stage is of 2 years, and it is called the pre-clinical stage. In the stage, you will study basic sciences.

    The next stage is of 3 years, which is the clinical phase, and a student gets comprehensive knowledge, comprising of both practical and theoretical learning experience.

    Finally, in the last year, a student is exposed to more practical learning, the successful completion of which is essential for gaining a degree.


    What about the Requirements?


    The medium of instruction in public-funded university is German, and only a few English medium colleges are there, but they are private. So, before you apply for the course, make sure that you hold a minimum of C1 or C2 level of proficiency in speaking German.

    You will also have to clear a foundation course Studion Kolleg, the duration of which is 1 year. This is followed by an exam sestestellulgsprusung. Successful completion of the foundation course followed by the exam is essential for taking admission.


    Admission Dates


    There are two phases in which you can apply for admission. Most of the universities close admission in the first phase by September and by January, for the second phase. The online admission system ensures complete transparency. So, stay worry-free and register in any of the renowned colleges where you are eligible.

    If you need assistance in getting admission to study MBBS in Germany, Europe or any university abroad, you can get in touch with Eduream. Eduream is a leading organisation that has helped thousands of students in living their dream life. Contact us, and we will provide you with unparalleled end-to-end assistance.

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