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    • May 19, 2021
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    Russia Vs Ukraine: a big battle for MBBS. Where should I prefer to do MBBS: Russia or Ukraine? This blog provides detailed insights into the factors that would help you choose the best country.

    Nowadays, studying MBBS from Russia and Ukraine is gaining popularity for many reasons. These destinations are the seemingly ideal choice for pursuing MBBS and becoming a doctor. Since there is a lot of confusion already, and with each country claiming itself to be the best for MBBS, here we have compared and contrasted the basic factors that can help you decide.

    Ukraine vs Russia: The Ideal Choice for MBBS


    MBBS is arguably the most sought after course among students wanting to make a career in the medical field. While some aspirants choose to complete their education in India, there are some others who dream big.

    A lot of students prefer Russia and Ukraine for completing their formal MBBS, MD education due to low-cost education, jobs, exposure, and tons of other factors.

    And now when you have the opportunity to study MBBS, you may be confused about which country to study in. But, fret not! We are here to help you out! This blog covers everything you need to know.

    Geographical Factors


    Both the countries are located in Europe, and both of them have breath-taking landscapes and sceneries. As a matter of fact, both the countries are a part of former USSR and Ukraine is just a small fragmented part of modern-day Russia.

    Weather Condition: Russia Vs Ukraine



    Ukraine is a cold country with the temperature reaching -10 degrees in cold months and 25-27 degree Celsius in summers.


    The weather conditions go extreme in Russia with temperature touching -40 degree Celcius in winters. In summers, it remains at 10-degree Celsius.

    Language Requirements



    The first language that is spoken in the country is Ukrainian, and English is the second most spoken language. Indian students going to Ukraine for MBBS would not face any difficulty there.

    Also, more than 25% of the populace can speak fluent English.


    The language spoken in Russia is Russian. English is also used there, but it is not spoken as much as in Ukraine.

    Universities: Russia Vs Ukraine

    MBBS Universities in Ukraine

    All the universities offering medical studies in Ukraine are 50-100+ years old. For instance, the oldest university is as old as 236 years. There is a huge list of universities in Ukraine for MBBS that are old and prestigious.

    Click and check: Top universities in  Ukraine

    MBBS Universities in Russia

    The universities in Russia are not as old as Ukraine’s. For example, the oldest university in the country is just over a century old. You need to ask yourself questions like what after MBBS from Russia, before enrolling in any university.

    Click and check: Top universities in  Russia

    Cost: Russia Vs Ukraine


    The cost of studying MBBS in Russia from a basic university is around 3500 USD, and from a good university is 4500 USD.


    The cost of studying MBBS in Ukraine is roughly the same, and there is not much difference in terms of overall fee of the course. You should go through the university’s website to know the overall cost of MBBS, fee structure, and scholarship for MBBS from Ukraine.

    Note: You can also avail loan for MBBS from Ukraine or Russia if you fall under the loan criteria.

    Cost of Living: Russia Vs Ukraine


    Cost of living is one of the most important factors that can make or break the decision of studying abroad. When we look at both countries, then the cost of living is almost the same and also depends on individual expenses. Normal expenses in Russia and Ukraine is around 80 to 100 USD per month.

    Exchange Rate:

    Russia: 1 Russian Ruble is 1.06 INR

    Ukraine: 1 Ukrainian Hryvnia is approximately 3 INR.

    There may be a difference in the exchange rate; however, Ukraine cost of living is less than Russia due to less inflation. You can complete your MBBS without spending a fortune in Ukraine.

    On the other hand, expenses of MBBS in Russia are on a higher side as compared to Ukraine. The currency may appear equivalent to India’s currency, but the overall cost of living is slightly higher.

    Benefits of Studying from Russia Vs Ukraine


    Benefits of Studying MBBS from Russia


    • No Entrance exam & No Donation.
    • Easy Admission Procedure
    • Subsidized Courses

    Benefits of Studying MBBS from Ukraine


    • Most of the medical universities in the country are globally recognized by WHO, UNESCO, MCI and other medical councils of different nations.
    • The cost of traveling in Ukraine is economical.
    • Great exposure and opportunities to participate in international exchange programmes.

    MBBS Course Duration: Russia Vs Ukraine


    The duration of MBBS in both the countries is 5.8 years, and there is not a big difference in the quality of education, provided you select the topmost universities for MBBS in these countries.

    But, again, when you compare both the countries, Ukraine has better universities in terms of providing quality education, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and world-class amenities.


    Medium of Teaching: Russia Vs Ukraine



    During the entire course, the medium of teaching remains English in a majority of Ukrainian universities. There are some universities that offer courses in mixed language, but you need to check it with the university.



    • Russian Language MBBS Course

    Most of the universities offer education in the Russian language. For the entire duration, you would be studying in Russian.

    • Bilingual Courses

    The medium remains English for approximately 2-3 years in bilingual courses in the universities providing these courses. In the remaining years, a student has to study in Russian only. This means that you need to be conversant with Russian language otherwise, you may land into problems and your efforts may go in dump-yard.

    • English medium courses in Russia

    In just a few universities, the medium of imparting education remains English in Russia. However, the fee structure in these universities is not very affordable. These courses are costly as compared to the other two courses in Russia and those provided in Ukraine.

    Caution: If you want to do MBBS only in English from Russia or Ukraine, it is wise to do thorough research to know the medium of teaching in any of the preferred universities. You may face difficulties in the later years of your curriculum.

    Note: Don’t fall prey to the agents who vouch for the English medium courses but in reality, they end up providing courses that are not in English. You should always check the MCI website to know the exact duration and medium of education of any university in these countries.

    University Recognition: An Important Factor


    In both the countries and especially Russia, there are many universities that are specially made for foreign students, including India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. These institutes are established just to earn revenue from foreign students.

    It is important to ensure that you choose a university that is approved by MCI (Medical Council of India) else, you won’t be able to practice in India as a doctor, and all your efforts will go wasted.

    You would surely not want to become as Dr XYZ admission Guru after spending a lot of money on MBBS. It is wise to target government MBBS colleges in Russia and Ukraine.

    Age Restrictions: Russia Vs Ukraine


    Age Limit for MBBS from Russia and Ukraine


    In both the countries, for a candidate to become eligible, s/he must be of at least 17 years old and must not be more than 25 years of age.

    Affiliations: Russia Vs Ukraine


    Students often get confused among the different affiliations universities have. While it is important to study in a college approved by MCI for practicing in India, it vital that you understand the meaning of different affiliations.

    Approved By European Council

    A college that is approved by the European council provides you with the opportunity to practice in most of the countries, especially in Europe.

    Listed in WHO

    If a college is just listed in WHO, then you will have to pass the exam of the respective country where you wish to practice in the future. For e.g. in England, you will have to clear PLAB and in the USA, USMLE.

    Note: MBBS in Russia and Ukraine is valid in India if it is done from MCI approved universities.

    The Age of the University: A Decisive Factor

    Russia and Ukraine both countries have universities more than 100 years old. Some universities are more than 200 years old.

    Accommodation and Food: Russia Vs Ukraine


    While finalizing a medical university/college to study MBBS, you should not overlook the provision of accommodation and food. Ensure that you get clean, orderly & comfy accommodation. The universities in both Ukraine and Russia offer hostel facilities that you can see on the university’s website.

    In Ukraine, most of the universities offer Indian food, and there are a lot of restaurants that would satisfy your Indian taste buds.

    On the other hand, in Russia, only a few universities are there where there is a provision of Indian food. And, the number of restaurants serving Indian food is also less when compared to Ukraine.

    These were the points that would surely help you identify the best university for pursuing MBBS. If you select the university after considering these points, your life after MBBS, whether from Russia or Ukraine, will be close to your dream. With that said, we would like to say that whether you select Ukraine or Russia, make sure that you have done your research completely.

    If you would like more information on the same or you need help, you can register your interest, and we will contact you to offer help.

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