Kuban Medical University

Mbbs at Kuban Medical University

Kuban Medical University is situated in Kransdor, Russia. It is one of the most prestigious universities in the country. Kuban Medical University has consistently occupied an exceptional position among the Medical Institutions in Russia. It is considered to be a member of the ancient universities of the country.

The college houses experienced faculty that interacts and associates with students in order to make the vocation of learning more riveting. The MBBS course extends to 6 full years. The various courses offered at Kuban Medical University Include: 

  • MBBS (6 years)
  • Paediatrics (5 years)
  • Dental (6 years)
  • Pharmaceutical sciences (5 years)
  • Medical and preventive (6 years)

The courses are detailed and special attention is paid to various details in the process of leaning. 

About the City

Kransdor City in Russia is home to this prominent university. The city is exhilaratingly gorgeous as it houses the steel-lattice water tower. The city is located in the southern part of the country, therefore; the weather is regulated and moderate.  The winters are pretty cold, while the summers succumb to moderate and pleasant weather conditions.  The city is considered to bear a calm and serene atmosphere. The people of the country are acquainted with the English, which stands as a great merit. It is a wonderful place to live in. 

Quick overview


Acronym of the university


Location of the university

Ulitsa Mitrofana Sedina, 4 Kransdor, Russia. 

Basic Eligibility for MBBS in Russia

50% In Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English. 

University ranking

Country ranking- 214th  World rank-4547

Duration of the MBBS course in the institution

6 full years 

Recognition of the University:

Recognised by the MCI and WHO among others. 

Medium of Education

English and Russian

NEET qualification

Yes, it is absolutely compulsory 


Rranking of Kuban Medical University

The university has been noted upon its remarkable contribution to the field of Medicine and Science and holds the following ranks:

  • It ranks as the 4th university in the city of Kransdor, Russia.
  • It holds the 214th rank in Russia.
  • It ranks as the 4547th university across the globe.

USPs of Kuban Medical University

  • It has an extremely rich heritage, as the university has been a part of the country for over a century.
  • The teachers are multilingual and can deliver lectures in English as well as Russian.
  • It has a brilliant reputation as it holds the highest rank for creating doctors in the country.
  • It has affordable and feasible tuition.

Fee Structure of The University

The fee structure is extremely convenient and reasonable. The fee structure is expressed in INR AS WELL AS ROR 

Fees in USD (approx)

USD 3700 

Hostel and Accommodation fee 

200 USD 

The fees for the year 2020-21 may be subject to change due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global economy. The rates may change according to the current exchange rate prevailing between the economies of India, Russia and the United States of America. 

Recognition and Accreditation

The university has been recognised for its constant efforts towards promoting and inculcating the knowledge of medical science among young student aspirants. The university has received official recognition from: 

  • World Health Organisation.
  • Medical Council of India.
  • General Medical Council of United Kingdom.
  • Ministry of Health and science of the Russian Federation.
  • American Medical Council.
  • National Medical Commission

Course Duration

The university offers a large number of courses to its students. The duration of the MBBS course spans six years. The first five years of the course are devoted to gaining knowledge on various subjects. The sixth-year requires the application of all the knowledge received in the 5 years of learning. The sixth-year is an internship, where the student must apply all that he has acquired. The college follows a theoretical as well as a practical approach towards education. The first year of education involves anatomy and histology.  The second year of education covers a myriad of important subjects such as histology, biochemistry, psychology and pedagogy, microbiology, cell biology and pathology.

The third-year undertakes pathology in detail, pharmacology, microbiology, genetics and the principle of clinical medicine.

The fourth and fifth years represent the prime period. During these years, the student dives into the ocean of medicine and acquires knowledge in its purest forms. They are the most crucial years of the study. It includes oncology, paediatrics, neurology, obstetrics and gynaecology, cardiology, internal and emergency medicine and general surgery. 

Eligibility For Mbbs in Kuban Medical University

  • It is absolutely compulsory for the student to have passed 10 and 12 examinations.
  • There is a minimum requirement of 50% in the open subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Biology. 50% in English is absolutely essential.
  • NEET qualification is mandatory. The applicant in no circumstances must be less than 17 years of age, before the university admission procedure is commenced.

Admission Procedure to Study Mbbs at Kuban Medical University

  • The candidate is required to fill in the application form available on the official website of the university with precision.
  • The candidate is required to submit a scanned copy of the 10th and 12th mark sheet.
  • In case of admission into the university, LoA or Letter of Acceptance is sent by the university.
  • The candidate must confirm his/her attendance at the university.
  • The candidate will now have to apply for an Invitation Letter, an official document issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
  • The applicant must now submit their official passport and proof of citizenship in the country he/she is living in.

Documents Required

  • 6 passport size pictures
  • Mark sheet of 10
  • Mark sheet of 12
  • NEET results
  • Proof of medical stability

Study Pattern

The university has revived the recognised it deserves due to its splendid study pattern. The way of imparting wisdom differs greatly from the one in India. The pattern is like this:

  • The teacher to student ratio is 2:30. This means that unlike the Indian education system, students aren’t taught in large batches. The teachers pay attention to their teaching style and make sure that the student can comprehend his lectures.
  • Attendance is mandatory is this institution. It is out of bounds to miss classes without a valid reason.
  • In case classes are missed the children are required to study online modules or recorded lectures.
  • The teachers and the students are promoted to have a healthy relationship
  • The university undertakes competitions to boost the morale of the students. One such event is the “Most talented newcomers to the medical university.” The students are promoted to compete and give their best.
  • Students are also required to attend religious services. These are set about to keep the students connected to their religious faiths.

Hostel and Accommodations in The University

The residence at Kuban Medical University is extremely affordable and comfortable. The hostel fee is low and thus can be afforded by a large number of students. 

There are various provisions available to the children. There are facilities for a sorority. The hostel bears a peaceful environment. The amenities include: 

  • Cooking gas throughout day and night
  • Regular water supply
  • Comfortable beds
  • Canteens and mess
  • Availability of Indian, Chinese, and Malaysian Cuisine
  • Wi-Fi and Television sets
  • Library and study halls
  • Clean bathrooms

Benefits Of Studying Mbbs In Russia

  • The tuition is extremely affordable. The cost of living is feasible. Moreover, a decent standard of living along with a good education can be accomplished in Russia.
  • No admission tests are required. Admission is completely based on the scores obtained in 10 and 12. It is also based on the NEET scores.
  • They are trained for MCI screening tests.
  • Provision for sports activities.
  • Medical Universities in Russia offer a large number of scholarship opportunities to underprivileged students.
  • All the universities in Russia are universities that have been around for a very long time. Therefore they have marvellousinfrastructural facilities. Most of these building are part of the architectural heritage of their respective cities.

Benefits of Studying Mbbs in Kuban Medical University

When considering the pros and cons of studying at Kuban Medical University, there are a lot of points that find a place in the ‘pro’ list. A few of them are:

  • The faculty members are acquainted with the English Language, their lectures can be taken in either Russian or English.
  • It has affordable tuition and a reasonable hostel fee.
  • There are provisions for side courses and educational programs.
  • Students aren’t required to appear for any other competitive examinations like TOEFL or IELTS except NEET.
  • MCI training is offered to Indian students.
  • A degree obtained at this fine institution can be used anywhere else in the world.
  • All medical programs are under the supervision of the government.
  • They strictly abide by the rules of the European System of Education.

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