Altai State Medical University

MBBS at Altai State Medical University

Students throng to pursue MBBS in Russia from Altai State Medical Universityas it offers one of the best medical courses that have students settled down with a great future. The admission procedure here is easy and simple without the threats of any quota system or other special preferences.

Altai State Medical University is administered by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. Besides offering medical courses this university is also a base for major scientific research and cultural exchange.

MBBS aspirants from every corner of the globe have been applying to this university for almost 60 years now. There has not been a single complaint and rather the university has gained recognition and acclaims from renowned medical boards.

About the City

Altai State Medical Universityis located in Barnaul City, Altai Region, Russia. The city has beautiful views with well-maintained streets and public buildings. Not only is the city a pleasure to behold but also the local cuisines are a must-try.

If you choose to study MBBS at Altai State Medical Universitythen you have to brace yourself to take part in the several festivals and carnivals that the university that the city indulges in. A strict code of law is followed by the government with comparatively lower crime rates.

Barnaul is situated on the western banks of the Ob River in the Altai Krai region of Siberia, Russia. One will be amazed by the nearby Altai State Museum of Local Lore that holds documents of military and mining history in a 19th-century building. Besides, there is Nagorny Park that contains some of the oldest tombs and there are other places for tourist visits.

Catch a glimpse of ASMU to be better prepared before applying for the MBBS admission in Barnaul City, Russia

Quick overview

Acronym of the institution


Location of the campus

Barnaul City, Russia

Basic eligibility for MBBS

50% minimum in PCB

NEET qualification

Yes, it is compulsory

The course duration of MBBS

6 years (5+1)

University recognition(s)

         WHO (World Health Organisation)


         Medical Council of India-Board of Governors (MCI-BOG)

         US Department of Education

         World Health Organization

         The General Medical Council of Britain


Medium of instruction



Ranking of KSMU

Around 25,000 doctors have graduated with the MBBS in Altai State Medical University degree. That is why ASMU holds the following positions over the years and the ranks have been scaling higher with each year.

  • Country Rank- 194
  • Continental Rank – 2486
  • World Rank- 4474

USPs of Altai State Medical University

MBBS in Russia 2021 has become way easier with the admission procedures of ASMU. However, as anMBBS aspirant, you must learn about the history of Altai State Medical University.

  • Altai State Medical University is home to 1000 international students every year.
  • The university is easily accessible with a good system of communication.
  • Students here are exposed to a lot of educational opportunities even after they have graduated from the medical colleges.
  • General medicine, pharmacy, pediatrics and dentistry are the top courses that students choose to study.

Fees structure

To study MBBS in Barnaul City, Russiathe fee structure becomes quite important. So, we have given you an expected fee structure over here.

Fees in USD (approx)

4000 USD

Hostel and Accommodation charges (approx) (USD)

700 USD

  • Tuition Fees include charges for study materials, library, laboratory and examinations.
  • Hostel Fees include accommodation, bedding, furniture, electricity throughout the day, 24-hour gas in a separate kitchen, 24-hour hot and cold water supply with centralised room heating facilities.
  • Food Cost is 120 USD per month that is equal to Rs.8,500 per month.You can opt for an Indian mess that is quite easily available here.

The MBBS in Russia fees 2021 for Altai State Medical Universityis subject to change and for that, you are requested to keep a constant eye on the website of the university. The official Russian currency is the Russian Rouble (RUR) and its conversion rate to INR keeps on changing. Thus, all the estimated amounts depend on the exchange rate.

Recognition and accreditation

The MBBS degree offered by ASMU is recognised by the leading global medical councils and federations. So, you can keep your worries aside and go ahead with the procedure for studying MBBS admission in Russia.The university and the degree is accredited by

  • WHO (World Health Organisation)
  • Faimer
  • Medical Council of India-Board of Governors (MCI-BOG)
  • US Department of Education
  • World Health Organization
  • The General Medical Council of Britain

Course duration

The MBBS duration in Altai State Medical Universityis the same as that of the MBBS duration in Russiain any other medical university. Once you get admitted, you will have to pursue the course from the 1st to the 6th year. The first 5 years constitute the theoretical classes and the last 1 year is kept aside for a rigorous internship programme.

Eligibility for Studying MBBS in Russia

The MBBS in Russia eligibility is of great importance because without them one really cannot apply for the course. However, all the documents submitted should be genuine and true to the knowledge of the applicant. As a piece of advice, do remember that the application stands subject to cancellation if any document is found untrustworthy or fake.

We always request our young MBBS aspirants and their parents or guardians, to supply only the genuine and required documents.

  • The MBBS aspirant should have passed the 12th standard final examination with qualifying marks from a recognised board.
  • He/she must pass with 50% aggregate marks in the three main science subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Biology, and English.
  • The applicant should bea minimum of 17 years of ageat the time of admission.
  • NEET qualification is mandatory and the scoresheet has to be produced.

Admission procedure to study MBBS in Russia

  • Apply for MBBS at Altai State Medical University and fill in the application form. Submit it with all the necessary scanned documents.
  • Wait for a free counselling session about the course and the application procedure.
  • Make the application payment at the very same time to have a hassle-free application.
  • Wait till the medical university accepts your application and you receivethe admission or confirmation letter.It will take around 10 days to reach you.
  • The invitation processing time is 20 days and you will get it once everything is confirmed.
  • Apply for your VISA by submitting the required documents and the Embassy takes about 10 days for VISA processing.

Documents required

Provide the following documents to seek an MBBS admission in Altai State Medical University:

  • 6 passport size pictures
  • Mark sheet of 10
  • Mark sheet of 12
  • NEET results
  • Proof of medical stability

Admission and Processing Fees

Rs.90,000 (approx., one-time payment in India) includesapplication fee, admission fee, invitation and the VISA fee.

Hostel accommodation

The hostel cost of MBBS in Russiais not much when you learn about the facilities provided.

  • The dormitories are well-equipped with comfortable bedding and study corners.
  • There is a 24-hour running cold water with provision of pure drinking water too.
  • The places are kept clean and tidy for health and hygiene.
  • The dormitories or hostel rooms are spacious enough for you to stay and study.
  • The environment is calm and quiet to let all the MBBS students study without any hindrances.

Benefits of studying MBBS in Russia

When you study MBBS in Russiafrom the Altai State Medical University you are entitled to the following benefits:

  • The cost of MBBS in Altai State Medical Universityis quite comprehensive and it has already been stated above.
  • Russia provides a productive ground for training physicians and specialists in MBBS
  • You can apply for a European Credit Transfer System to several other universities and medical colleges.
  • The Russian Medical Universities boast of awesome laboratories, infrastructure and classroom facilities to cater to a huge group of students.
  • English being the main medium of instruction,helps students and teachers to communicate freely. Students understand the lectures without any hint of a language barrier.
  • All the medical practicals, lectures, laboratory experiments, academic seminars, assessments, state examinations, etc. are conducted in English.
  • Since TOEFL and IELTS are not needed, students can apply for an MBBS degree totally hassle-free.
  • The cheap tuition fees offer a good chance to students from a proper economic background to pursue the MBBS degree here.
  • Once your MBBS admission to Altai State Medical Universityis completed, study with all your heart and also indulge in the several modesof recreation arranged by the university from time to time.
  • Participate with great enthusiasm in research programmes, social work, international and national conferences, seminars and symposiums.
  • While interacting with the local students you get to pick up the local language(s). This comes extremely handy when you have to deal with local patients during your internship programmes.
  • Live a life that very few get the chance to even dream of and grow into a well-educated and refined person.

Our Assistance in Russia

  • Besides helping you to apply for MBBS in Russia,we make sure that you reach your university safely
  • Our team will always be there to help and guide you in Russia and they also help them in the admission process and seeking accommodation, a city tour, medical assistance, etc.
  • Grand parties and cultural events are organized by us to make the students feel happy even when they are away from their family and friends
  • Be it your VISA or admission application to study MBBS in Altai State Medical University, Russiawe always extend a helping hand.

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