Kokshetau State University

Fee Structure, Eligibility, Required documents, Course Duration, Hostel facility

Kokshetau State University


Kokshetau State University is a non-profit government-operated university that provides world-class education to young medical aspirants. Founded in 1962, the university has reserved an honorable standard among the medical universities in Kazakhstan. It has consistently ranked among the top fifty medical schools in Kazakhstan.

The faculty comprises extremely learned professionals and academicians from across the globe. The university is often visited by medical research scholars from prominent universities. A factor that allows the university to hold a distinct and prominent position among other medical facilities is the advanced and super-technological driven tools that the university is equipped with.

The university also offers multi-level programs in various specialties to its students. The infrastructure is marvelous and noteworthy. The campus is spread over a huge area and there are separate buildings for different departments.

Kokshetau State University: Quick Overview

  • Acronym: KokSU
  • Locations: Kokshetau, Kyrgyzstan
  • Eligibility: 50% in 12th with PCB
  • NEET requirement: Yes
  • Country ranking: 33
  • World ranking: 6769
  • Medium of Education: English
  • Recognition: NMC & WHO
  • Student Helpline: +91-783 583 4444

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    Duration 5 Years
    COURSE FEE: $3500
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    FOR THE SESSION OF 2021-2022 Kokshetau State University Fee Structure

    The university is highly appreciated for having an extremely feasible and affordable fee structure. The university also offers scholarships to economically backward and underprivileged students. Post admission, the cost of residence significantly depreciates as the university provides an array of amenities. 

    Tuition Fee (in USD) Tuition Fee (in INR) Hostel
    Year 1 3500USD 2,55,500 INR 600-700 USD
    Year 2 3500 USD 2,55,500 INR Optional
    Year 3 3500 USD 2,55,500 INR Optional
    Year 4 3500 USD 2,55,500 INR Optional
    Year 5 3500 USD 2,55,500 INR Optional
    Total 17,500 USD 12,77,500 INR


    • Considering 1 USD = 73 INR.
    • The fee is subject to change depending on the prevalent exchange rates during the time of admission. For the latest updates, please get in touch with one of our counselors now.
    • VISA, documentation and food charges are separate.

    Simple and easyAdmission Process in Kokshetau State University

    • 1

      Choose a University

      First step is to choose Kokshetau State University for your MBBS program and the candidate may contact us for the registration process.

    • 2

      Submit Documents

      Submit all the required documents to start the registration process in Kokshetau State Medical University .

    • 3


      Registration process starts after submitting all the documents and admission processing fee. Students get admission letter from the university verification

    • 4

      Get Invitation Letter

      After all the process and the documentation students get Invitation Letter within 3-4 days for VISA processing.

    • 5

      Get Your Visa

      After getting invitation letter students process students apply for VISA in Kazakhstan Embassy. Within 14-18 days, students get the VISA.

    • 6

      Fly Kazakhstan

      After getting the VISA, it’s time to pack your bags, keep all the documents and fly Kazakhstan and live your dream to become a doctor

    Eligibility Criteria: Kokshetau State University


    A candidate who seeks admission into this accomplished and eminent institution of medicine is required to satisfy the eligibility criteria. 

    • Marks:
    • It is necessary for a candidate to have achieved a minimum of 85% in the primary subjects, namely, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in the 12th standard. 
    • A minimum of 75% must have been obtained by the student in the 10th standard. 
    • 75% in English is also necessary, as English is the medium of instruction. 


    • The candidate, under no circumstances, must be less than 17 years of age before the application process is begun. 
    • The candidate must not be over 25 years of age. 
    • The applicant must be of sound health & mind and must not be infected with diseases such as AIDS. 
    • The candidate is required to clear the NEET examination. 
    •  The applicant must have a passport allowed by the government of his/her country.  


    Submission of TOEFL/IELTS/GMAT or any other competitive examination scores is not required or considered mandatory for admission into this university, however, these test scores are accepted. 


    Required Documents: Kokshetau State University

    It is inexorable and mandatory to submit the following documents in order to seek admission into Kokshetau State University. It is crucial and peremptory that all these documents are genuine, specific, verified by the government, and submitted in their true form. 

    The documents circumscribe:

    1. An official invitation letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kazakhstan
    2. Valid passport (minimum 18 months validity
    3. 10th mark sheet
    4. 12th mark sheet
    5. Six passport size photographs
    6. Health Certificate declaring sound mind and health.
    7. NEET results
    8. Original copy of certificate UNT or CTA

    Accreditation and Recognition

    Kokshetau State University has consistently ranked among the top fifty medical institutions in Kazakhstan for decades. Its remarkable and distinct contributions have received a lot of attention. The university has been recognized and accredited by the following medical bodies and councils from all over the world:


    • NMC India 
    • General Medical Council 
    • World Health Organization
    • The Republic of Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Education and Science
    • National Medical Commission 
    • USMLE and PLAB
    • National Medical Commission
    • FAIMER

    Kokshetau State University Ranking 2020-21

    The university holds a distinguished position among the various medical facilities in Kazakhstan and across the globe. Its commendable contributions to the field of medicine are recognized and thus it is ranked as:


      1. It holds the 33rd rank in the country.
      2. It holds the 6769th among medical schools across the globe.

    Courses Offered at Kokshetau State University

    The university offers a diverse range of courses that involved a detailed analysis of each aspect. Each course has a minimum duration of 5 years. The MBBS course consists of 5 years of education and 1 year of internship. 


    The courses are designed and curated in a manner that provides maximum benefit to a student. The university offers the following courses to the students: 


    • General Medicine (5+1 years) 
    • Pharmacy (5 years) 
    • Dentistry (5+1 years) 
    • Nursing (5 years) 
    • Public health (5 years)

    Admission Intake: Kokshetau State University

    The Kokshetau State University (KokSU) has an extremely convenient admission and well-designed admission process. All candidates opting for admission are required to undertake the following tests which are conducted by the department of admissions: 


    • Unified National Testing (UNT)
    • Complex Testing of Applications (CTA)


    After clearing these tests, the student is required to follow the procedure for admission. The university starts its admission process in April for summer intake. The university commences its classes in October. 

    Hostel Facilities at Kokshetau State University

    The hostel and accommodation facilities offered at this venerable institute are outstanding. The quality of the services provided is top notch. From separate housing for boys and girls to huge sports fields, this university has it all covered. For international students, the various amenities offered include:


    •  Cafeterias for breakfast, lunch, and dinner including Indian, Chine, and Malaysian cuisine
    • Large courts and sports fields
    • Reading halls and libraries for students and faculty members 
    • Air-conditioned auditorium halls 
    • Not over 2 people in a room 
    • Laboratories for different subjects 
    • Wi-Fi access throughout the day 
    • 24*7 water supply 
    • Clean and sanitized restrooms and laboratories
    • Private beds 
    • Gymnasiums

    Duration of MBBS at the Kokshetau State University

    The duration of the MBBS course is for a period of 5 + 1 years. 5 years are solely and proficiently dedicated to the acquisition of theoretical knowledge of the desired course. A year is devoted to an internship where the students learn about the practical implementation of the knowledge acquired.


    In the first year, they study basic human anatomy, histology microbiology. 


    The second and third year includes a detailed study into various noteworthy subjects such as human anatomy, physiology, general surgery, neurobiology, pharmacology, pediatrics, hygiene and ecology, surgery, urology, biochemistry, etc. 


    The fourth and fifth year is the most crucial years of education. It is during these years that the student covers a vast body of knowledge. The knowledge acquired in these two years has a maximum implementation in the practice of medicine. 


    The study subjects such as biostatistics, oncology, trauma oncology, gynecology, pathology, path physiology, ENT, obstetrics, emergency medicine, general surgery, necrology, physiology, medical genetics, and ecology.

     Our Assistance

    At Eduream, we help medical aspirants like you realize their dream of studying MBBS from a top-class global university. From selecting the right university to looking after all the paperwork that needs to be done, we help you in every step of the process to ensure your admission is both stress-free and hassle-free. 


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    Benefits of studying MBBS at Kokshetau State University

    The university offers impeccable education and experience. Apart from that, a few other advantages and benefits are listed below:


    • The University has always been ranked among the top fifty medical institutes in Kazakhstan. 
    • It offers a competitive yet healthy environment to students, thus promoting and strengthening friendships and relationships. 
    • The University is not involved in any form of donations. Qualifications and aptitude are the primary requirements for admission. 
    • The university is involved in the organization of several inter-country programs that offer virtuous opportunities to students
    • The university has been recognized by well-known councils from across the globe. 
    • A degree obtained from this university can be used to practice medicine in any part of the world. 
    • The university has remarkable equipment and training centers. It is equipped with the latest tools and technology. 
    • The cost of education and residence is extremely economical. Thus, studying at this institution does not create any sort of financial burden. 
    • Graduates of this university are sought by top firms and institutions from all parts of the world. 
    • The institute does not require a candidate to undertake any additional tests such as SAT/IELTS/GMAT. The evaluation is based on the NEET scores and the other scores submitted. 
    • It offers scholarships and financial aid to students who come from poor backgrounds and cannot afford the expenses. 
    •     Students are offered the opportunity to be a part of various clubs such as reading, music, and dance. 

    About the city

    Kokshetau State University is situated in the northern part of the country. It is the capital of the Akmola region. It is located at the junction of the Trans-Kazakhstan and South Siberian railways, thus making it a commercial city frequented by tourists.

    One can experience the rush of city life in most parts of the city, while some parts yield to a serene and calm atmosphere. The city is situated on the southern banks of Lake Kopa, a major tourist destination. 


    The people of the city are known for their friendly and hospitable nature. They are comfortable with the English diction thus, making it easier for international students to live in the city. The city is safe and is not prone to terrorist activities. 


    The weather remains cold for the most part of the year. Summers tend to be to dry yet pleasant. Winters are super cold. However, the city has a sense of hospitality around it and is extremely welcoming to new people. 



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