Kyiv Medical University

Mbbs at Kyiv Medical University

Established in 1992, under the incredible guidance and supervision of Valerii Pokanevych, Kyiv Medical University of UAFM (KMU) holds a prominent and prestigious place among the medical

universities in Ukraine. The institute finds its basis in values such as excellence, innovation, commitment, integrity, respect, and accountability.

In relentless pursuit of excellence, the university continues to teach, search and heal to serve humanity. The admirable faculty consists of over 350 professors, scholars, doctors, scientists, etc. 

The university is equipped with the latest technology to support the aspirations of young medical interns. With practical exposure, offshore internships, and further advanced coaching, the students of this institute, are imbibed with skills to cater to the demand and requirements of the healthcare industry across the globe. 

Kyiv Medical University of UAFM At a Glance (Quick Overview)

A quick and insightful overview of Kyiv Medical University. 

Acronym of the university


Location of the university

Kyiv, Ukraine

Basic Eligibility for MBBS in the university 

50% In 12th grade with PCB

NEET requirement

Yes, compulsory. 

Ranking of the University 

Ukraine rank – 181

World rank-12800

Medium of instruction in the university 

English and other European languages 

Recognition of the university 

World Health Organisation,

 Medical Council of India among others 

Student Helpline

+91-783 583 4444


Benefits Of Studying MBBS At Kyiv medical University of UAFM

The university is associated with numerous well-established high-ranking institutions across Europe. A medical program is conducted by the university in such institutions. Students are given the exclusive opportunity to take part and lead such events. The benefits of studying MBBS at Kyiv include:

  • It offers practical training or real-time access to patients for their medical training during the course.
  • There are no requirements to undertake additional competitive examinations such as IELTS/ TOEFL or GMAT. The admissions office gives a lot of importance to NEET scores.
  • The university severely disregards all forms of donations. Every candidate who applies to the university receives equal opportunities.
  • The degree obtained from this university can be used to practice medicine across the globe.
  • The professor to student ratio is 1:12. Thus, a lot of attention is paid to every student.
  • KhNMU offers scholarships for students who excel in the course.
  • The tuition is very reasonable. The fee does not burden the applicant or his/her family.
  • The university constitutes clubs for singing, dance, drama, theatre, debate, and poetry to promote the diverse interests of the students.
  • A student can also work and study at the same time. Ukraine offers a large number of clinics, these clinics are often visited, by medical students.
  • The institute is spread across a vast area. Thus, it has astounding infrastructural amenities. The classrooms are extremely large.

Kyiv medical University of UAFM: Fee Structure

Among the various advantages of studying at this marvelous institution, the distinctly low tuition is one that genuinely helps a lot of students. The fee structure is extremely economical. The cost of hostel and accommodations is uniquely nominal. 

Fees USD

3500 USD

Hostel and accommodations fee in USD

1000 USD

The fees for the year 2020-21 may be subject to change. The fee at the time of admission will take into account the prevailing exchange rate between the economies of India, Ukraine, Russia and the United States of America. For the latest updates, please get in touch with the admission cell or with one of our consultants. 

Eligibility Criteria: Kyiv Medical University of UAFM

To be eligible for admission into this venerable institution, a candidate is required to have completed 10th and 12th with a reputable education board from the country of his or her origin. It is mandatory to achieve 50% in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. In addition, 50% in English is also necessary, as the medium of instruction is in English.  The candidate, under no circumstances, must be less than 17 years of age before the application process is commenced. The candidate must not be over 25 years of age. The applicant must be of the mind and sound health.  The candidate is required to clear the NEET examination. Submission of TOEFL/IELTS/GMAT or any other competitive examination scores is not required for admission into this university. The applicant must have a passport. 

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    Kyiv Medical University: Admission Procedure

    Step 1

    After carefully scrutinising and assessing each course, the candidate may fill up the application form available with us.

    Step 2

    In case an applicant is, granted admission into the university, the candidate is likely to receive an acceptance letter from the university within two to three working days.  

    Step 3

    The candidate is required to confirm his or her attendance at the respective course and the university, within the specified period. 

    Step 4

    Once the confirmation is sent, the student is required to pay his/her fees and other charges via a preferred mode of payment. 

    Step 5

    The student is required to submit the necessary documents to the university, including identity proof and proof of origin to get the admission letter. 

    Step 6

    The candidate can apply for a visa to Ukraine and get ready to fly once the visa is approved and the university has sent the admission letter.

    Required Documents

    It is mandatory to submit the following documents if one desires to seek admission to this university. It is imperative that all these documents are genuine, verified by the government and submitted in their true form. The documents circumscribe:

    • Six passport size pictures of the candidate
    • Original Education Certificates (10th and 12th)
    • NEET results
    • Affirmation Letter
    • Medical Certificate

    Courses Offered at the Kyiv Medical University

    The university offers various courses in medical science that meet the requirements of the field. They encompass a vast body of knowledge. The courses are designed in such a way that the emphasis on theoretical and practical learning is equal. 

    • MBBS (5 + 1 years)
    • Dentistry (5 years)
    • Preparatory (5 + 1 years)
    • Pediatrics (5 years)

    Duration of MBBS at Kyiv Medical University

    The duration of the MBBS course is similar to other medical universities. The courses continue for a period of 5 + 1 years. Five years are solely and exclusively dedicated to the acquisition of deep theoretical knowledge of the subjects.

    This is followed by one year of internship, the student is expected to apply the knowledge obtained during the theoretical training period. The course is curated in a manner that seeks to micromanage all aspects concerned with the implementation of theoretical knowledge.

    Ranking of Kyiv Medical University

    The noteworthy and exemplary contributions of Kyiv Medical University to the field of medical science and research have received attention and recognition. It holds the following ranks:

    • It holds 181st rank in the country.
    • It holds 12800th among medical schools across the globe.

    Admission intake at the Kyiv Medical University

    Like any other university, Kyiv Medical University has two sessions for the intake of students. The winter session starts on 15th January and ends on 1st March. The summer session starts from 1st July.

    The university announces admission to major faculties as General Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy in the Ukrainian and English medium of instruction during summer. During winter, the university accepts applicants to General Medicine and Dentistry in English medium of instruction only.

    Accreditation and Recognition of the Kyiv Medical University

    Kyiv Medical University has been accredited by the leading medical schools across the world. Its individuality lies in its unique method of imparting education. The university has been recognized by the following medical bodies and councils from all over the world:

    • Medical Council of India.
    • General Medical Council
    • World Health Organisation.
    • Ukraine Medical Council
    • National Medical Commission
    • 4th level of accreditation by the Ministry of Science and Education, Ukraine
    • National Medical Commission

    Hostel and Accommodations at Kyiv Medical University

    The hostel and accommodation amenities at this world-class institution are student-friendly and extremely economical. The university provides a lot of importance to the comfort of its students. The environment in the hostel is serene and calm. The comfort of the student is the top priority in this institute. There are provisions for the separate housing of boys and girls. The various services include:

    • Cafeterias for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
    • Laundry provisions
    • Reading halls
    • Sport complexes
    • Not over 2 people in a room
    • Rooms are large and spacious
    • Wi-Fi access throughout the day
    • 24*7 water supply
    • Clean and sanitized restrooms
    • Private beds
    • Personal study tables

    About the City

    Kyiv is the capital city of the country. It is by far the most populous city. One can experience the cosmic rush of city life. Despite its huge population, the city is considered being safe for residence as well as tourism. The city is tremendously fascinating and magnificent. The weather is warm and pleasant during summers. Winters are outrageously cold. The climate of the city is not humid, so people don’t perspire.

    The common diction in the city is Ukrainian. However, a large part of the population is acquainted with the English language, which makes communication a lot easier. 

    Kyiv is considered being the industrial, scientific, cultural, and educational center of Eastern Europe. The architecture in Kyiv is an extraordinary phenomenon. It consists of structures such as the Assumption Cathedral, Paraskevi Church, and the Golden Gates.

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