The Crimean Federal University

Mbbs at The Crimean Federal University

Crimean Federal Medical University offers courses that range from 5-6 years MBBS programmes. 

They offer courses in the field of:

  • General Medicine (6 years)
  • Dentistry (5 years)
  • Pharmacy (5 years)
  • Paediatrics (5 years)
  • Nursing (5 years )
  • Postgraduate

The university has been a centre of creating doctors and medical specialists over the years due to its vast academic curriculum that offers 86 masters programme and 44 postgraduate medical courses. It is a splendid university high allows you to comfortably curate and modify your field, according to your accord.

About the City

Simferopol, where the university is situated is the second-largest city on the Crimean Peninsula. The city is extremely beautiful. It lies along the Salgir River and emerges from the Crimean Mountains. The city is equipped with an airport making travel easier and comfortable. The weather is usually very cold during the winters and pleasant during summers. 

The city houses a very famous chocolate museum. It is also home to ‘the chestnut with five trunks.’ It is a wonderful city to live in. 

A brisk overview of the university, encompassing all essential details

Quick overview


Acronym of the university


Location of the university

Vernadsky Avenue

4,Simferopol, Russia

Basic Eligibility for MBBS in Russia

75% in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English

University ranking

Country ranking-19

World rank- 3512

Duration of the MBBS course in the institution

6 full years (5 years of learning + 1 year of internship)

Recognition of the University:

Officially recognised by the World Health Organisation and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Russia. Also approved by the Ukraine board of Education and Medical Council of India

Medium of Education


NEET qualification

Yes, it is absolutely compulsory.


Rranking of Crimean Federal University

Crimean Federal University is a world-class institution that has been recognised and adored by people from all over the world. It is ranked as:

  • Among the top ten medical institutions in Russia
  • It is ranked 19thamong the best universities in Russia
  • It ranks 3512 among all the universities in the world

USPs of Crimean Federal University

Every university has something special to offer to its students. Here’s what Crimiam Federal university offers to its student aspirants:

  • It offers lectures and guidance on various topics that help the student choose the subjects that he is interested in.
  • There are provisions for various activities for the students such as a folk dance group, a breakdance group, a ballet group, amateur theatre and a pop dance group. Apart from promoting the educational instinct of the students, the college also focuses on developing the Co-curricular activities the student is interested in.
  • The institution welcomes students and children from all over the world. Therefore, there is a cosmic blend of various cultures and traditions. Students find it easier to place themselves in such an environment.
  • The international faculty at Crimean Federal University enjoys a unique national and international reputation for their exquisite techniques in teaching, research and academic service.
  • The university is spread over 17.3 hectares. It encompasses 16 educational buildings and 5 hostels for residential purposes. It has sports arenas and several cafes.
  • It has an outstanding fee structure.
  • It offers very comfortable accommodation for Indian students. There is a special mess for Indian food, available at a very affordable rate. The student body comprises a large number of Indians.
  • Medical Internship in Russia for over 22 specialities.
  • Integrated programs for theoretical and practical training.

Fee Structure of The University

Crimean Federal University offers MBBS at very affordable rates. The college guarantees quality education at a very nominal price. The fee structure: 

Fees in USD (approx)



Hostel and Accommodation charges (approx) (USD)


The cost may be subject to an increase or decrease due to the COVID-19 pandemic for the admissions of 2019-2020 and 2020-21. It may vary on the conversion rate from the Russian Rouble (ROR) to the Indian Rupee ( INR) 

Recognition and Accreditation

  • United Nations Organisation. 
  • International Association of Universities.
  • European Universities Association.
  • World Health Organisation as a top preacher of medical knowledge and scientific learning.
  • World Federation of Medical Education.
  • Medical Council of India.
  • Medical Education of Europe.
  • Recognised by the International Scientific Education Society.

Course Duration

The duration of various courses in Crimean Federal University differs according to the nature of the course. However, the MBBS course duration spans from 1-6 years.

The first year cover human anatomy and its history.  

The second-year encompasses a lot of topics- histology, biochemistry, microbiology, cell biology, general pathology, physiology etc. the student is required to choose his subjects.

The third-year involves pathology, pharmacology, divided between two semesters.

The fourth to the sixth year is considered the most crucial years of learning. These include various topics with details. It covers neurology, oncology, paediatrics, gynaecology, emerging medicine, general surgery, cardiology, psychology etc. Post these years of learning a student can scrutinise various fields for career options.

Eligibility For Mbbs in Crimean Federal University

  • The student must have cleared 10+2 education with a minimum of 75% marks ( for the open category- Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. ) Such marks must be obtained from the board examination of whichever country the applicant belongs to.
  • The student must not, in any circumstances be below the age of 17 before the application process starts.
  • Recognised by the International Scientific Education Society.

Admission Procedure to Study Mbbs at The Crimean Federal University

  • Wait for the application to be released on the official website of the University.
  • Fill in all the details correctly and submit the application form a few days before the deadline.
  • After the submission peacefully waits for the review process. It may take more than a week.
  • Wait for an acceptance letter which will be sent only if you are selected.
  • Once you have received your acceptance letter from the university, apply for your visa to Russia.
  • Once your visa is approved, inform the university confirming your attendance to the college.

Documents Required

Several documents must accompany an application form to the University. Make sure that these documents are authentic and all of them are provided in the required manner. 

  • 6 passport size pictures
  • Mark sheet of 10
  • Mark sheet of 12
  • NEET results
  • Proof of medical stability

Study Pattern

Every college follows a different study pattern. The pattern at Crimeam Federal University is unique because:

  • 700 faculties spread across various divisions.
  • Teacher to student ratio comprises 2:20.
  • 90% attendance is mandatory.
  • It is mandatory to attend classes. Recorded sessions must be attended incase of ill health or emergency situations.
  • All examinations are absolutely compulsory to attend.

Hostel and Accommodations in The University

The university provides great hostel accommodation to students. The process is very convenient and the residence is excellent. It is very affordable and comfortable.  Rooms are very large in size.  Rooms are shared with 3-5 people.

  • There are reading halls where people can study.
  • There is a cafeteria
  • Gymnasium
  • People from similar races are provided housing together
  • A mess that provides Indian, Chinese and Malaysian food on a regular basis
  • Cooking gas is available 24/7
  • Personal rooms are provided after 3 years.

Benefits Of Studying Mbbs In Russia

  • English is the medium of instruction, therefore, there is no language barrier.
  • Equal emphasis on theoretical and practical learning.
  • Students have comfortable housing.
  • Provision for sports activities.
  • Tuition is extremely affordable.
  • Students from various countries have the opportunity to interact.
  • Various courses to choose from.

Benefits of Studying Mbbs in Crimean Federal University

  • Government university and one of the best in Russia.
  • It is MCI approved.
  • Highest passing ration in MCI screening of 2016
  • Rich heritage of 100 years. The university creates thousands of doctors over the years.
  • The medium of communication is English.
  • Affordable housing.
  • Affordable tuition.

The Assistance We Provide In Russia

  • We offer services that make it convenient for you to get accepted into a university. We provide services at feasible rates right from the time you apply into to the institution, till you are accepted.
  • We provide assistance even when the admission process is completed. Our exclusive body of students will help you to place yourself in the university comfortably. We will be there through your hostel procedures, tours through the city etc.
  • We strongly believe that a person must always be connected to his/her roots. In order to provide a homely feel to the students, we organise events that promote their cultural sentiments such as hosting a grand Diwali party.
  • Throughout the course of your education, we will help you through all the obstacles you face.

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